This is something we talked about for a long time and never got around to actually doing it: little interviews about random things with the people we like and work with.

Our first “8 minutes with…” is with Krisitina Wang. Kristina is the perfect girl of Chinese advertising at the moment.  She travels all around China non-stoop and her client list includes: Gap, Clinique, Huawei, Honda, Visa, Tencent, Pizza Hut, Adidas, Rexona and many, many more.  We caught up with Krisitina over a glass of a very healthy juice and asked her a few questions.


You Name

K: Kristina Wang

How old are you?


What do you do

I’m a model…TV commercials and print advertising.

Where do you live?


What brought you to China?

My parents moved here (from Ukraine)  long time ago because of the work opportunity, so I had no other chance (laughs).

What are the pros & cons of what you do?

Pros… Hmmm, unfortunately money (laughs). Playing some part in creativity and the opportunity to meet people; like new people everyday. Sometimes I travel quite a lot and see new places. The opportunity to consider things. Traveling you have lots of time when you do nothing. New things, new people. It just makes you think a lot.

As to cons, I have no chance to use my brain (laughs).

What are you famous for among your friends?

I think for being vegetarian and being all for a healthy lifestyle (laughs).

What made you become a vegetarian?

First, hmmm, I said that I’m going to loose some weight. But actually it didn’t happen at all (laughs). I felt myself being much more healthier. So, I actually noticed that I’m feeling much different and I liked it. So, I kept on being a vegetarian and then there came some compassion for animals and afterwards I understood just the whole meat industry is just wrong and it is bad for our environment and it is a total destruction for our world.

I feel good when I…

Singing… when I can express myself through…may be signing may be drawing or when I meditating.

I’m most comfortable in my…

I think in my apartment (laughs) when nobody can annoy me (laughs) when I don’t have to face people (laughs). People in general who can intrude my world and make a mess there.

To unwind after hard day at work I like to…

Eat well, watch a movie and…relax. It supper stupid and typical but it works!

Right now I’m listening to…

Indie-Pop, some spiritual yoga music.

I could not live without…

Some human part in people who could help each other and without any kindness in the world.

I keep feet by…

Healthy lifestyle, that’s the most and also yoga and running

The last movie I watched was…

Ahhh…let’s say “Me before you” the love story.

My favourite food is…

I don’t have actually any favorite food. It is healthy and it is enough.   Let’s say tofu.

The last book I read was…

The last book I finished? Kundalini. It is one from the series written by Robert Svoboda it is about spirituality.

My wardrobe consists of…

Comfortable clothes and custom’s clothes

I’m looking forward to…

My perfect thing I can do all my life, which could help people and make my brain work.

If you had one wish what it would be?

The human kind to be more conscious about their choices.

If I can chose one superpower it would be…

I thought a lot about it (laughs) … then…. I actually have a lot in mind.

Mmmm, lets say to levitate myself or things (laughs), pretty convenient.

Most people don’t know that I…

I’m not as good as they think I am (laughs). There is a little still devil hiding inside of me.

If I could ask one person one question, who would it be and what would you ask

(signs)… it is a hard one… May be I would ask some clairvoyant what shall I do to help this world.

All the images provided by Kristina Wang