2016 was a busy year for our print and video production teams.

We produced all around China from Yunnan Mountains to Guangzhou tropics, with most of the shoots happening in Beijing and Shanghai.
We worked with some of our favorite people, starting from client’s and agency’s side to our favorite photographers, directors,  dop, assistants, gaffers, art directors, digi tech, dit , retouches, editors.  The list can go on.
Along the way we’ve were lucky to meet new talented, passionate and hard working people. We are very lucky.
Internally Beijing Eye is growing and we have 3 new members in our team now!
For the extreme experiences we had: the longest studio shoot ( over 30 days straight. To be published latter on), extreme car shoot in Yunnan Mountains for BMW X1 and unreal shoot in shanghai with urban explorers!
There are two very beautiful print projects that are really worth mentioning: Xiao Mi  and Meizu.  Both shot by very talented Quentin Shih.
We would like to say thank you to all the people we worked with and who helped us along the way and we are ready to embrace new 2017!

Baby, До свидания.