Car is an important element of any action film! This time together with Cheil and director Jayga Rayn we produced 4 safety function videos for Volkswagen, based on agency’s great creative, inspired by action films style.

The project had it’s production challenges: we had 20 days in total from pre-production till final delivery. Pressure was high and everything needed to happen very fast! Jayga did an amazing job to ensure that the atmosphere on set was relaxed and fun. We had the best cast, who in addition to their great performance showed high level of resilience to Guangzhou summer heat.

Guangzhou is known for it’s hot and humid summer season, with a lot of rain, in early June. Out of three shooting days (72 hours) we spent 58 hours on set and another 6 hours waiting for the heavy rain to stop!

With the great support from Volkswagen and Cheil teams, director and the whole cast and crew, Beijing Eye produced great and fun films again!