We had great pleasure to work with one of the best lifestyle photographers in the world-Augustus Butera.  Augustus’s images are really in the moment, charged with great and happy emotions.  We were very happy that Ogilvy team and Yili Milk client has decided to work with Augustus for this lively and very fresh project.

To match the mood of the creative, Beijing Eye production has decided to produce this shoot, down south, in warm and sunny Guangzhou.  Our Guangzhou producer together with a location scouting team, did a great job on providing us with enough options to chose from.  Casting was a bit trickier, since we needed to cast families, seniors and dogs. Our casting director worked hard and did a great job on choosing the right  talent and directing them for the video casting.

At the end, the weather was on our side, we had 2 great shooting days.  Click here to see campaign images.