We were commissioned by Jaguar Land Rover China to do a very special video for their annual event. The event was for a charity programme called “Land Rover Never Stop Caring – Journey for Vision Program”. It was a very challenging project on many levels, but we enjoyed every part of it, because it was not a direct advertising, but a CSR project we were documenting.
Land Rover works with medical organizations who provide free medical services for children with eye problems in China’s remote areas. For this project, we have invited a award winning documentary director, Yung Chang, because we believed that he would deliver a truthful and touching story for our client. The challenging side on the production part was that we had only 4 days to prepare everything for the shoot. Then our team of 10 people set off to Yunnan to produce 4 videos in 8 days. There were lots of logistical challenges, since we needed to coordinate many things at the same time, such as find talent to shoot, locations and of course have an ongoing communications with everyone involved. Our production crew showed lots of flexibility and professionalism, since shooting 8 days straight and figure out what and how to shoot on the spot is not an easy one! After our team returned to Beijing, we did 10 days of post-production. In 10 days after we have finished the shoot the video was delivered to the client.  Click here to view the videos