It was great pleasure to work with Jung von Matt’s Beijing team again on Mercedes-Benz V-Class campaign shoot.  Beautiful key visuals needed to be produced on a very tight schedule.  An important part of the brief was to shoot everything “real” and not use stock images.
During pre-production stage of the shoot, our location scouting team gave us great location options to chose from. Together with our photographer David Maurer, we figured out a challenging, 20 hour working day, production plan. It was doable and risky, but definitely beneficial for the visuals.
After the angle test in Beijing, we proceed with backplates shoot. Multiple locations, basically covering the whole area between Beijing and Shenzhen in a couple of days, with call time around 2 am everyday!  Every sun rise and sunset was ours!
We prayed to the weather gods and they heard us! The weather was wonderful, apart from a little hick up on the location in Shenzhen. But if there is a problem there is always a production solution.  Our line producer organised a large amount of Profoto equipment and with David’s magic the “sun” problem was solved.
After we finished backplates shoot with a stand-in car, the production crew moved to the studio in Beijing to continue with the product car shoot.  At this stage our post-production team has joined us. Due to very tight schedule, retouching team was working simultaneously as we were proceeded with the car shoot.
It was great to have everyone in the same room working on post-production of the images: agency, photographer and retouchers.
You can see the results of our hard work here.