For the 361° Olympics series, for which Beijing Eye had already done production in Guangzhou, we went to Brisbane, Australia to shoot one of our favourites, the swimmer, Sun Yang.

Photographer: Lewis Ho

With our rented car we drove in and around the hilly Brisbane for getting the last details in place before the shoot all the time constantly reminding ourselves to stay left side.

The location, an Aquatic Centre in the outskirts of Brisbane, we shared with the TVC team. For this shoot we worked with Hong Kong photographer Lewis Ho who had also shot all the other 361° athletes for us. Shooting on the same day as the TVC gave us very little time at the end for Sun Yang’s stills, but we managed to get it all wrapped up in time.

We were delighted to once again get the chance to shoot one of the Olympic athletes and we are definitely cheering for Sun Yang this summer!